Proze Warranty Confirmation

Complete the form below and submit to confirm your product purchase and confirm your 12 month Warranty.


Unless otherwise stated we offer a 12 Month No Fuss Warranty with all Proze products.
All Warranties are valid once the warranty has been confirmed on the website.
Promotions will state whether the 12 month warranty is applicable.
Refurbished Items carry a 6 month Warranty.
If the 12 month Warranty does not apply and we will offer another Warranty, which will be described in the promotion / sale page and on the receipt / invoice for the item as written proof. There is always a Warranty given with our products. 
Warranties are immediately void if the device has been opened or tampered with or if a non waterproof device has received water damage or a waterproof device has received water damage beyond its waterproof capabilities, as described in the product description and instructions. Any misuse deemed to have caused the damage is also not covered under this 12 month warranty.
This warranty only covers manufacturing defects and / or damage received as a result of our systems, fulfilment.
For more information regarding your warranty, then please contact us –