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Proze Dual Car Camera

Proze Dash Cam 4.0 Firmware Update – September 2018


Proze DC-4_Firmware_Update.rar

Language Files (ENG, DE, ES, IT, FR) INCLUDED

Proze Dash Cam 4.0 Firmware Update – April 2019


Proze DC-4 Firmware Update.rar

Update Instructions (for either files):

Please don’t change the file name once you have downloaded it.

1) Format the TF card in the Dash Cam.

2) Download the zip file (please check you have the compressed version).

3) Copy across to your Dash Camera Memory Card (TF Card).

4) Put the TF card into camera and press & hold the OK button (hold for 5 seconds) to start the update.

5) Wait for up to 5 minutes for the camera to complete the update.

After finishing the update, the camera will turn off automatically. Restart the camera, to confirm the update has completed successfully.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have newer version of this, your Dash Cam will not update to the older firmware version (Revised Jan 19).