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Fast Charging Cables, will this charge my phone quicker?

LED Magnetic USB Cable

Many cable manufacturers say that their cables will offer faster charging than the manufacturers cables and chargers. This does only apply when paired with the correct fast charging unit for your device, however the pairing of a suitable cable and unit for your device is claimed to be faster even than the ones that you […]

Why a Dash Cam is Essential for Learner Drivers

Proze dash cam with reverse camera

As all drivers who pass their test, their first few days on the road will be cautious and filled with a mixture of anxiety, excitement and fear. Or even if still learning behind the wheel, a full HD dash camera can make all the difference. That is why with the technology available nowadays it makes sense to get started from day one with a dash camera, to record every moment and make sure that you have a record of your adventures and proof should any incident call for it.


Proze Dash Cam 4.0 Features

Every time you get into your car and drive out of your garage, you believe that you will be back. Whether you are going on a drive, heading to the office, or just rushing to the grocery, safety is a priority. Luckily, technological advancement like a dash cam provides every road user with the opportunity […]

How fitness trackers can improve your health?

Proze Band+ Blue

How fitness trackers can improve your health?
Our insensitivity to our health can result in many serious issues like weight gain, acute illness and the onset of chronic disease. But our constant focus and activity can result in reversing of these issues in our life. Just by moving around through running and walking can help the person in boosting his overall health. But how to keep track of your progress?

Happy New Year! Dash Cam Competition!!!

Proze dashcam 4.0

Hi Proze Fans! 🎉🎉 COMPETITION TIME 🎉🎉 We have 3 Proze Dash Cameras up for grabs to 3 lucky winners. 😁🚗📸 To enter, simply watch the Proze Dash Cam 4.0 footage below or use the link to go direct to the FB video post: https://www.facebook.com/ProzeElectronics/posts/226713811416678 Once you have watched the footage, comment below or on […]