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Troubleshooting Bluetooth Headphones Connection

Woman on Phone fixing bluetooth

Having trouble connecting your Bluetooth headphones or devices? Bluetooth technology allows our devices to connect and transfer data between them, whether this is music for headphones and speakers or a fitness tracker, which will share the fitness data collected. Bluetooth is the technology that allows this to happen easily, however it doesn’t always work seamlessly […]

Proze TWS-03 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Proze TWS-03 True Wireless Earphones

The full breakdown of features, benefits and more.  Recently we released the Proze TWS-03 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones and we have also been receiving lots of good feedback about the product, but some are surprised by the amount of features that it offers and the benefits to your life that these offer.  Therefore we thought we […]

Why Bluetooth Headphones improve your workout..

Proze TWS-03 Bluetooth Earbuds with sport hook

Bluetooth Headphones will improve your running and workouts, today we will look at how they do this and then the best ones for the job… It is clear that bluetooth headphones are the next step in the audio evolution, with the removal of headphone jacks from most new devices and the technology behind wireless bluetooth […]