Proze Band+ Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor – Purple

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Proze Band+ Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

The Proze Band+ is the best companion for those of you who love to workout, stay fit and yet want to stay connected whilst doing so.

Track your progress and measure your Heart Rate and monitor your sleep with the Band+.

This Band+ also comes with an additional Black Strap.


  • PROZE BAND+ ACTIVITY TRACKER WITH HEART RATE MONITOR – With 14 sports modes to track, you can tailor it to your needs: whether you are running, cycling, taking a fitness class, playing tennis or football and more; or if you just want to count your steps and measure your heart rate and calories, this is the fitband for you! Record your health and activities and find all the collected data saved in the App. Useful information at your fingertips.
  • HEART RATE MONITOR AND SLEEP TRACKING – All day Activity Tracking, monitor and accurately track your steps, heart rate, calories, distance travelled, sleep and more. The sleep tracker will auto function at night when you wear the Band+. You can then review all of this useful information via the App – VeryFitPro (Apple and Google Play Stores). Sync it with the health apps currently on your phone and see yourself getting fitter everyday! Also set your goals, to help focus and maintain success.
  • EASY SET UP AND FAST CHARGING – Once out of the box, just plug the Band+ fitness tracker into a USB port and charge for 1-2 hours, as shown in the user manual, NO CABLES REQUIRED! Then follow the simple set up instructions to download the app and connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to your smartphone or tablet (recommend smartphone). Once fully charged the battery will last 7 DAYS OR MORE, meaning you only have to charge the watch once a week, allowing you more time to get outside and enjoy the Summer!
  • NOTIFICATIONS AND CAMERA CONTROL – The smartwatch will vibrate when you receive a Call, SMS message, Email, SNS such as; Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, VK and more. Add alarms for the day, workout, medicine, drink water, sedentary, bed. Edit notifications and alarms in the App. Also activate camera control, allowing you to use the smart bracelet as a remote. So you have no more excuses to miss a call or message, which isn’t always a good thing?
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND 12 MONTH WARRANTY – Get ready to enjoy Proze quality and service support. Order now from us – and we will prove you’ve made the intelligent choice! Our product quality is spotless, intuitive design is supported by clear instructions in the box, and our support team is always here to answer any questions about your purchase. Compatible with iOS 7.0+ Android 4.0+ Download the app (Very Fit Pro) now.


Proze Connected Band+ Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor – Mulberry Purple with FREE Black Strap


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Designed to help you stay active, healthy and connected.

Including 14 Activity Modes to track your activities, from Yoga to Football. Advanced data collection gives you useful information after your workouts and even has a general fitness mode for your gym classes. Track your training and have the data afterwards, which you can also link to Apple and Google Health Apps. Link through the Very Fit Pro App.

Share your activities and achievements with friends, set targets and see when you reach them. Get greater motivation for bigger results!

Receive notifications direct to your wrist: messages and notifications will be shown on your watch, so you know who is after your attention and how urgent it is. Call, Calendar, Text and App alerts are all sent straight to your smart band.

Accept and decline calls using the Band+ for ultimate control of your phone and time.

Inspire yourself to a healthier life with the Band+, see your heart rate, calories burnt and steps, helping you to manage your lifestyle and gain that sense of security for your health.

Band+ HR tracks your heart rate regularly throughout the day and you will be able to review the highs, lows and detect any irregularities. So you can be sure you are A OK.

Set alarms and reminders throughout the day, so you don’t forget anything, once the Band+ alerts you with soft vibrations. Whether it’s time to go to your gym class, take medicine or just to drink water and grab a healthy lunch, the Band+ will remind you.

Sedentary reminders will vibrate and remind you to move about, so when you are stuck at your desk and feeling tired, the Band+ will give you the nudge to move about and keep yourself in peak condition.

Just hold the button for 3 seconds to start your next activity. When you leave the office to cycle home, just hold the touch screen button for 3 seconds to access your activity mode and record your ride, get all the stats and inspire yourself to beat your own times!

Track your sleep patterns using the intelligent sleep tracking, which monitors your heart rate and analyses your sleep patterns, so you can give yourself a better nights sleep. Automatic Sleep Tracking will show you how long you are in light, deep and REM sleep.

Improved Battery and Screen. The Band+ now offers a brighter screen so you won’t miss it on the brightest day or darkest night. Paired with our superior battery and the Band+ gives you OVER 8 days battery life per charge.

Lightweight and comfortable, the Band+ Activity Tracker has been made with lightweight materials, so that you won’t get weighed down and it will not interrupt your workouts. Soft, breathable and durable silicone sports bands, take you from work to workout and with the additional black strap included with every Band+, you will have a look for every occasion.

Start your healthier life today, order now!


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