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Proze TWS-03 vs Jabra Earbuds

Proze vs Jabra earbuds

Today we will be comparing the new Proze TWS 03 to similar priced competitors from other brands and seeing which one stacks up against the our newest set of earbuds. Will it be the Jabra 65t Earbuds, these True wireless earbuds are pretty great and we like the combination of amazing sound quality and good […]

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Headphones Connection

Woman on Phone fixing bluetooth

Having trouble connecting your Bluetooth headphones or devices? Bluetooth technology allows our devices to connect and transfer data between them, whether this is music for headphones and speakers or a fitness tracker, which will share the fitness data collected. Bluetooth is the technology that allows this to happen easily, however it doesn’t always work seamlessly […]

Why Bluetooth Earphones drop out and how to stop this

bluetooth 5 earphones

Plenty of people want to know why Bluetooth earphones keep disconnecting? Why does Bluetooth drop out? What causes interference with bluetooth headphones? And is there a way to prevent this? This was definitely a big question a couple of years ago and thankfully technology is getting better, constantly! Also this question still comes a lot […]

Proze TWS-03 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Proze TWS-03 True Wireless Earphones

The full breakdown of features, benefits and more.  Recently we released the Proze TWS-03 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones and we have also been receiving lots of good feedback about the product, but some are surprised by the amount of features that it offers and the benefits to your life that these offer.  Therefore we thought we […]

5 Tips for Finding the Best Sports Bluetooth Headphones

Proze TWS-03 Bluetooth Earbuds with sport hook

When it comes to choosing the best sports bluetooth headphones for your workout, then you can be spoilt for choice, or finding that none seem to suit your needs?
There are a lot of headphones out there all claiming to be the best for your gym workout / running. So what you choose, will first come down to your own preferences and what you are looking for, however we put together this short guide to help you make the right decision, so you get the best headphones for your workout.

Why Bluetooth Headphones improve your workout..

Proze TWS-03 Bluetooth Earbuds with sport hook

Bluetooth Headphones will improve your running and workouts, today we will look at how they do this and then the best ones for the job… It is clear that bluetooth headphones are the next step in the audio evolution, with the removal of headphone jacks from most new devices and the technology behind wireless bluetooth […]

Start Comparing Wireless Earphones NOW! Proze Sport Earphones VS KS Headphones

Proze Sport Wireless Earbuds Red

Proze Sport Earphones VS KS Headphones Are you someone who does research before buying or has buyers remorse when you see the next best thing, the day after your purchase? You should be comparing wireless earphones before you by, as not all are made equal and today we will be looking at our own Proze […]

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to an iPhone

iPhone connecting to bluetooth headphones

How do I connect Bluetooth Headphones to an iPhone? With the release of the new iPhones, including the 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, many people will be rushing out to get their hands on these devices and with the new iPhones comes the new Apple software iOS version. iOS 13 is released to […]

Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

Proze TWS-02 Truely wireless earphones

Bluetooth 5.0, what is Bluetooth 5.0 and why is it important to have on your Headphones? What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a form of wireless communication that transmits a data signal, commonly used for keyboards, mice, headphones and other audio equipment, various smart home and other computer equipment. The Bluetooth radio signal is very good […]

Wireless Earphones vs Wired Earphones

Wireless Earphones vs Wired Earphones

Which is better for my music? Nowadays, many phone manufactures are removing 3.5mm headphone aux ports from their devices and this leaves many people wondering, what should I do and how do I listen to music? First, if you are a wired headphone user who is reluctant to move across to wireless earphones because of […]