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New Fabric Phone Cases

Xiaomi Mi 9 Fabric Phone Case Blue

We have now added even more Fabric Phone Cases to our product range, with more on the way. We want to explain why our range of protective Alcantara and fabric phone cases are the perfect mix of quality, durability, luxury, style and protection. The Proze Fabric Phone Case is a multi layered product, made from […]

Alcantara Phone Case – Why Alcantara?

Samsung Note 10 Alcantara Phone Case

As one of the market leaders in Alcantara Phone Cases, we have often been asked, why Alcantara? First we will cover why Alcantara is a great material to use for many applications. Then we will look at why Alcantara is good for your phone and what makes it such a luxury fabric. What is Alcantara? […]

Our New Eco Friendly iPhone Case

Proze eco friendly iphone X case UK

At Proze, we try to be green and environmentally friendly with everything we do and in the past year have made changes to products and packaging to meet our ideals and reduce any impact our products have on the planet.  This is so that our products can be enjoyed without worrying about all the packaging […]

What is USB-C (USB Type-C)? USB C Explained

Proze USB C Cable Quick Charge and SuperCharge

USB-C is the type of USB, that now comes on many phones, as it is an improvement over the previously used Micro USB.  It is the latest connecter developed for general use, by commercial electronics industry leaders. It was developed as it offers many upgrades from the previously used micro USB. USB type-C  is smaller and able […]

What Does Quick Charging 3.0 Mean?

First what is Quick Charging or QC? QC Or Quick Charging is the fast charging method from Qualcomm®, so for a phone to have QC enabled, it would need to have a Qualcomm® chipset inside. For example, Huawei phones use in house Kirin chipsets and therefore do not use any Qualcomm technology and Huawei have […]

What does Shockproof actually mean?

Carbon Fibre Samsung S9 Phone Case

Many Phone Cases are listed as being “shockproof phone cases” but what does this really mean? Does this mean that any drop will protect your phone? Not exactly. It means that the item is able to be dropped from a significant height and still function afterward. The “shock” is referring to the impact that the phone […]

Fast Charging Cables, will this charge my phone quicker?

LED Magnetic USB Cable

Many cable manufacturers say that their cables will offer faster charging than the manufacturers cables and chargers. This does only apply when paired with the correct fast charging unit for your device, however the pairing of a suitable cable and unit for your device is claimed to be faster even than the ones that you […]