We have now added even more Fabric Phone Cases to our product range, with more on the way.

We want to explain why our range of protective Alcantara and fabric phone cases are the perfect mix of quality, durability, luxury, style and protection.

The Proze Fabric Phone Case is a multi layered product, made from multiple different materials, each offering a different form of protection. The case starts with a Silicone Gel outer layer, which protects the edges.

multilayer protective phone case

This case’s silicone gel edge, has a raised top and bottom point on the top and bottom parts of the screen edges. This is for the screen protection, so that when placed on a flat surface the edges of the silicone, rather than the screen contact the surface, preventing the screen from being scratched.

The Silicone Edge also offers drop protection, as the silicone rubber material will absorb impacts from drops. The material also allows for easy control of buttons on the edge of the phone. This makes the case protective and useable.

button protection phone case for one plus

The silicone edge is then bonded and attached to the Polycarbonate hard plastic (PC). This is used in many applications for its strength and rigidity. The PC back has a high impact resistance and will stop your phone from being smashed or scratched if dropped, especially when a phone has a glass back, this is a must, to have a protective back.

Polycarbonate (PC) is also flexible so it can be taken on and off the your device, easily and will not crack or break.

A fabric back is then added to the PC backing to finish off the design of the case. The fabric, is blended into the rest of the case to look flawless so your case offers as much style as it does protection.

The fabric used in Proze cases is a cotton and polyester blend, which allows for durability and comfort. There are a selection of different backings including, fabric and Alcantara offered by Proze, as we offer only the best and luxurious materials for our phone cases.

We have a great and growing selection of fabric cases. Check them out here:

Proze Fabric Cases

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