As one of the market leaders in Alcantara Phone Cases, we have often been asked, why Alcantara?

First we will cover why Alcantara is a great material to use for many applications. Then we will look at why Alcantara is good for your phone and what makes it such a luxury fabric.

What is Alcantara?

Alcantara is a man made material, which was invented and patented in the 1960’s.

It is produced by the same company in Italy now and sold worldwide by them to various manufacturers and brands to create many different luxury items with the material.

Alcantara is a form of synthetic (man made) suede, so it is a Vegan and Eco-Friendly material. The manufacturing process to make the exact material is still a secret held by the brand Alcantara® to this day and is very versatile and functional, as it is relatively hard wearing and durable. The material is water resistant, so splashes run off it, rather than soak in and it is breathable, preventing heat build up. It is also soft to touch and comfortable.

For more information on Alcantara the material you can also visit Alcantara

Alcantara defines the material as:

elegant and sophisticated
soft and comfortable
light, strong and durable
100% Carbon Neutral

Why use Alcantara?

Due to its properties using Alcantara allows for phone cases will give you the benefit of a better looking phone. This is because Alcantara is a premium and luxury product and is used by many other premium brands, so your phone will definitely look the part with an Alcantara case.

It is a durable material and therefore on the back of the phone cases, it will not wear out and it will last, so you can use your phone normally without worrying about the case being damaged.

If you spill any water or liquid on it, it is water resistant and the water will mostly run off and this will keep your phone dry. Alcantara is breathable and therefore the heat from your phone when gaming will dissipate, keeping your phone cool and working at optimum levels.

Proze Alcantara Phone Case

Check out our range of Alcantara cases here, as they use an Alcantara back on a hard case, with a silicone edge. This combination allows for the ultimate style and protection. The silicone gives drop proof properties, so your phone is protected from falls. The hard back gives protection for the phone, whilst the Alcantara cover on the back, gives style and further protection from its unique abilities.

Learn more about the Alcantara phone cases and how they will protect your phone, whilst looking great below…

Proze Alcantara Phone Case for Samsung Note 9

Proze Alcantara Phone Case for Samsung Note 10 / 10+

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