Today we will be comparing the new Proze TWS 03 to similar priced competitors from other brands and seeing which one stacks up against the our newest set of earbuds.

Will it be the Jabra 65t Earbuds, these True wireless earbuds are pretty great and we like the combination of amazing sound quality and good call quality. We will also look at another couple of similar competitors for price and quality. Such as the famous Apple Airpods and the Bose Soundsport True Wireless.

First we will look at the Price of the main two being compared here today:

Proze TWS-03= £79.95

Jabra Elite 65t = £119

So there is a bit of a difference, however the Jabra are a much larger brand and their cost reflects this.


Proze TWS-03

  • 10mm XL Graphene Drivers
  • 2 Microphones on each bud
  • Built in EQ with 5 presets
  • Ear Gels for different fit
  • Ear Fins and Hooks for added security and different fit for sports, commuting and preferred use
  • Voice Assistant
  • 6 Hour Battery
  • 60 Hour Battery with Charging Case (additional 54)
  • Charging case acts as power bank for your phone
  • USB-C Charging
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX5 (Sweat Resistant)
  • Multifunction buttons
  • Lightweight (5g)
  • Available in 3 different colours: Black, Chrome Grey, White

Jabra Elite 65t

  • 6mm Drivers
  • 4 Microphones on each bud
  • EQ App, allowing for EQ control and selection
  • Ear Gels for different fit
  • Hear through Ability – Allows you to control how much of the outside sounds you can hear whilst using headphones
  • App control (downloadable App)
  • Voice Assistant
  • 5 Hour Battery
  • 15 Hours with charging case (additional 10)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IP55
  • Multifunction Buttons
  • Lightweight (6g)
  • Available in 3 different colours: Titanium, Copper Black and Beige

From this the Jabra do have some excellent features including some that are not present on the Proze TWS-03 True Wireless Headphones.

However, there are also features, on the Proze that are missing from the more expensive Jabra 65t.

The Proze TWS-03 offer you more flexibility in the use and way that you wear them, which gives you benefit of a more comfortable, better fitting set of earbuds. The TWS-03’s larger drivers and built in EQ settings, offers an easier experience, compared to needing your phone to change any settings, as the Proze were designed with ease and comfort in mind.

The battery lasts far longer, than the Jabra Earbuds, though the Jabra does have the advantage of a multi function button, that can be customised, to your desired controls. And hear through is a big bonus on the Jabra Earbuds.

Again though when compared to the Proze and then the price considered, the Proze are an absolute bargain, to get what we consider is a similar level of performance, for a third of the price.

Make sure to check back soon for further updates.

Click here to learn more about the Proze TWS-03 and their benefits.

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