Having trouble connecting your Bluetooth headphones or devices?

Bluetooth technology allows our devices to connect and transfer data between them, whether this is music for headphones and speakers or a fitness tracker, which will share the fitness data collected.

Bluetooth is the technology that allows this to happen easily, however it doesn’t always work seamlessly and there are many people who have issues with Bluetooth Headphones Connections.

First why is this?

Bluetooth works within a certain frequency and the issue is that many other signals cut across this frequency. So Wifi, mobile signals and microwaves can all cause bluetooth signal interference.

The signal also cannot penetrate water very well and considering people are made up of lots of water, Bluetooth signal has trouble getting through our bodies.

So physical blocks, other signals and even people can cause interference with the signal and although Bluetooth signals are getting better / stronger and more stable, when outside with many other signals flying around, it is still a challenge to get the perfect connection. So even with the best bluetooth headphones, you will probably have one time or another where the signal gets interrupted (even if only for a brief second).

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How do I fix the Bluetooth pairing problem?

First try disconnecting and reconnecting the device in your bluetooth settings on your phone / device. This is simply, entering settings, selecting disconnect, wait for the device to enter pairing mode again and then select connect.

If this does not work, then you can try disconnecting and turn off your phone bluetooth, then restart the bluetooth headphones / speaker. Once it starts back up and is in pairing mode (normally a flashing light) then you can turn on the phone bluetooth and select the device again.

If still experiencing issues with your Bluetooth connection, then you can try the above but also try restarting your phone / device.

Check you’re in Range

Double check that you are in good range of the device, as most Bluetooth devices will work fine within 10 Metres, though the further away you are from your device, the harder it is for the signal to work perfectly.

Reset your devices

Following any manufacturer instructions you can reset your devices, both your bluetooth one and your phone. Turning them off and on again can actually resolve issues with tech like this and connection issues can often be solved by restarting and reseting both devices.

Check Bluetooth is on

This may sound funny, though if your device has entered a low power mode or Airplane mode, there is a good chance that the Bluetooth has turned itself off, so always just double check if your bluetooth headphones stop suddenly.

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Check for interefernce

As mentioned above there are many different things that can interrupt a Bluetooth signal. As such always just check around you, as you may have just walked past a large Wireless signal or microwave, so just check the surroundings as well.

If this happens in the home, step into a different room that isn’t quite so full of other devices that are all jamming up the 2.4GHz band. You can also try connecting more devices to your router’s 5GHz network, if they’re compatible, or try changing the channel of your router’s 2.4GHz network.

Check your Device Instructions / Check with Manufacturer

Sometimes you don’t know what else to do, so just dust off the instructions and give them a check or contact the manufacturer, they should be happy and willing to help.

Here at Proze we are always happy to help or customers with these types of issues and help guide them to a solution and all products purchased from us, come with lifetime support, so just contact us.

Can I buy Headphones that don’t disconnect?

Almost all Bluetooth headphones will disconnect at some point, though the better ones will give you far less problems and due to the current technology the best you can do is invest into a decent pair of earphones that will have stronger connectivity and so you will be less likely to have problems and can spend 99% of the time enjoying your music and experience, not fussing with fixing the connection.

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How can I stop this happening again?

You can make this better, first invest into a decent pair of Bluetooth earbuds that have a good chipset (qualcomm, Realtek) and if you want the best, latest connectivity, which depending on the type of earphone will give you better connectivity (Bluetooth 5.0 is a MUST for true wireless earphones), then you want Bluetooth 5.0.

So once you have a set of headphones with a good connectivity, then you also want to check your device.

As if using an older device, with an older version of bluetooth, then you will default to the older version and the connectivity will suffer. Though with a good pair of headphones you will not have to upgrade your device, though you will have to note that the problem may persist?

Also note, that some cheaper Bluetooth 5.0 headphones will be worse than some with Bluetooth 4.1 / 4.2. For example, the Apple Airpods (most popular True Wireless Earphones), use Bluetooth 4.1, a much older technology, though they boost this by connecting through their own H1 chip, which is a booster to the 4.1.

Qualcomm and similar manufacturers make their chipsets based on Bluetooth 5.0 (newer tech), which does the same job (better connectivity, without the bolt on chip as well). This is actually why if you have an android device and connect airpods, which you can do, the connection will be much worse than if using with an iPhone.

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Once you understand this you can start to understand what happens when your bluetooth drops in and out and the processes involved with this. So by following the advice above and learning more about the way Bluetooth works, you will be able to better respond to connection issues if they arise.

However if you want super smooth audio with not much in the way iof interruptions, then feel free to check out the Proze SoundSeries Headphones. Our True Wireless Earphones are made with premium chipsets, giving you the best experience.

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Bluetooth Devices dropping out or won’t connect?

If your connection is dropping out or intermittent, then the first thing you can do is to disconnect from the device and then turn your bluetooth off. Then restart the device (turn it off and on). Then once the device is ready to pair again, then turn your Bluetooth on your phone on and reconnect to the device. In most cases this will solve any issues.

My Headphones keep dropping out.

If you restart your device Bluetooth and the device itself and this hasn’t worked then you can try resetting the device (if it has a reset feature), if not then just restart it again and this time also restart your phone / device. Then again reconnect to the device and this should resolve the issue.

How do I reset Bluetooth headphones?

Many headphones will have a reset process, such as our headphones will reset after holding the button for 20 seconds. This then resets the bluetooth connection and the frequency that it will work on. Which will resolve the connection issue. Please check your individual headphones instruction manual for reset instructions.

Why are my Bluetooth headphones not connecting to my phone?

First check that the headphones are on and in pairing mode, if not try restarting them and make sure they are in pairing mode, if your device does not find them try turning the bluetooth on your device off and on again. You should now be able to find the bluetooth headphones / speaker. Select it and you will now connect.

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