At Proze, we try to be green and environmentally friendly with everything we do and in the past year have made changes to products and packaging to meet our ideals and reduce any impact our products have on the planet. 

This is so that our products can be enjoyed without worrying about all the packaging that has gone to waste or how much material ends up in the sea once you are done with it.

We have previously reduced plastic in products and removed it from packaging almost entirely, with the aim to remove 100% plastic packaging from our products by the end of 2020.

Furthermore we have recently been developing our own eco friendly case, to reduce the amount of wasted plastic material. 

Proze eco friendly iPhone X Case blush pink

After seeing similar phone cases on the market, though most come in plastic packaging (slightly against the point of a eco-friendly phone case) we felt that as an environmentally aware company, we could do it better.


Introducing the new eco friendly phone case for iPhone X and XS.

This is the first of many planned biodegradable phone cases that Proze are releasing and as well as having a different makeup to other biodegradable cases, such as Pela and Coconut Lane, we have also ensured that the packaging is eco friendly. 

The Proze eco friendly iPhone x case is made from a mixture of Plant Fibres and Wheat Straw and bio-plastics.

The bio plastics used are 100% biodegradable / organic and are the same as are used in many of the compostable  / biodegradable bags and reusable cups in recent years. They will 100% biodegrade (in the right conditions, not in your hands) and are safe to use as well as being free of BPA, phthalates, cadmium and lead. 

The bio-plastic materials used are:

PLA (Polylactide, which is made from waste corn too and other plants)
and this other stuff called PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate).
PBAT is incredibly biodegradable and will decompose in home compost leaving no toxic residues, so is fine to just leave in a composting heap and in under 12 months that part of the case will be gone, this material is widely used in agriculture due to this property. 

However PLA will only start to breakdown under warmer conditions and with water added to the equation, so this ideally needs to be buried and water added (through rain in soil / landfill) to decompose and breakdown and under the right conditions it will break down in under 6 months however if doing so yourself or in landfill it can take up to 2 years to breakdown. 

So the mix of materials means that it is best disposed on either to landfill or buried, as that is the ideal conditions that the materials will breakdown.

This is also the same way that many other biodegradable materials are broken down and this is different items designated “home compostable”, as these compostable items are tested to breakdown in a much shorter time under different conditions (do not require burying). 

But as a phone case, when you are done with it in a couple of years (when you change phones, as they are that good!) You can place it in the regular bin or even go out side and place it under a plant, knowing that it will not cause any damage to the planet or contribute to any further climate change as within a couple of years or more, it will be gone. 

The phone case is vegan, sustainable, biodegradable and ecofriendly, whilst being protective and comfortable.

As well as the above eco properties of the case it is also fully drop proof, with air cushioning in the corners and using the natural materials actually makes it rubbery and gives additional shock absorption properties. It is flexible to fit onto your iPhone and will also protect the back from scratches and has raised edges for screen and camera protection. It is also compatible with most screen protectors and tempered glass.

So you can do your bit for planet earth now and protect your phone at the same time. 

The bonus of this is as a growing UK based brand we are committed to doing our bit for the environment and as such we are always coming up with new ideas to support eco initiatives and charities, and support other UK eco business, so by purchasing this case from us you will be supporting the entire chain of eco based companies and charities that we work with. 

We currently have this case available in our store and on our Amazon store for the following phones:

iPhone X

iPhone XS

Coming Soon:

iPhone 7 / 8 (03/20)

iPhone 7 / 8 Plus (03/20)

iPhone XR (TBA)

Samsung (TBA)

Huawei (TBA)

Oppo (TBA)

Xiaomi (TBA)

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