Bluetooth earbuds disconnecting

Plenty of people want to know why Bluetooth earphones keep disconnecting?

Why does Bluetooth drop out?

What causes interference with bluetooth headphones?

And is there a way to prevent this?

This was definitely a big question a couple of years ago and thankfully technology is getting better, constantly!

Also this question still comes a lot from people with wired earbuds who want to make the switch to wireless due to a new phone or better tech, though they still aren’t quite convinced.

So first why do your bluetooth headphones drop out or lose signal. There are numerous reasons for this:

  • Interrupting Signals
  • Physical Blocks
  • Weak Bluetooth
  • Low / no battery
  • Cheap earbuds (generally rubbish)

The main problem is when you place your bluetooth device into your pocket you create a physical barrier, so this already makes it more difficult for the bluetooth signal, as it now has to fight through a physical barrier, this is getting much better but is still noticeable on older devices, such as an iPhone 6S or 7 or Samsung S7, which both run Bluetooth 4.2, which is the older version of bluetooth and just not as powerful, good and effective / efficient as Bluetooth 5.0 devices. 

However most new phones come with Bluetooth 5.0 now, so if you have upgraded recently or even if you will upgrade soon, you will be in a far better situation with a Bluetooth 5.0 device. Whether you have an Android device or iPhone it shouldn’t make a difference, as Bluetooth will work pretty much the same on each device, though the management is different. 

A few years ago Bluetooth Audio was a joke and not very reliable, yet when bluetooth earbuds came out, the promise was too good to be true (it was around 2012) works like wired earphones but with no wires! Now the headphones have caught up and the technology in them has vastly improved. As such many phone manufacturers are no longer offering headphone jacks on their devices, so you are losing the ability to use your wired earphones. This also makes wireless headphones more common than ever. 

Interrupting Signals

Bluetooth operates on a certain frequency (2.4 Gigahertz), however this happens to be within the bandwidth of Wi-Fi, as are things like Fitbits and other smart watches which also use Bluetooth connections, all other bluetooth devices, will use the same frequency as will things like keychain trackers, wireless mice, keyboards, microwaves and more. So when in a large town, city or crowded space your signal is fighting through all of this to reach your earbuds. So as you can imagine, this may cause some interference of your signal, whilst your music is trying to get through the noise. However the better the bluetooth, the more powerful the connection, therefore it will is less susceptible to interference, hence the argument for having Bluetooth 5.0 headphones and device. 

Your Body Blocks It

Proze TWS-03 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

As we said at the start when you place the device in your pocket, if you do suffer any drop outs or interference, then there is a good chance, that your body is the blocker, as bluetooth signals don’t like liquids and generally liquids will disrupt signals, therefore with a body in the way (and people being made up of lots of water and liquids), you are great at preventing the bluetooth signal from getting through. 

Bluetooth connectivity has improved again on more modern bluetooth chips / versions, so although it is sometimes unavoidable (as a basic fact of science. Bluetooth, like any radio signal, gets tripped up by human anatomy). You can improve the situation with a better pair of headphones and minimise the interruption. 

You also have walls and other physical barriers that can disrupt signal and again, with better bluetooth the signal range is greater and stronger, so with the Proze TWS-02 and TWS-03, you get a range of over 10 meters and they can work through walls and the body, to some extent, giving you a far less chance of drop outs ever being a problem. 

Tiny Space to Work With

Proze TWS-02 Bluetooth Earphones Realtek Chipset

The real estate inside a bluetooth earbud is quite tight, so when we build them, here at Proze, we need to be selective about the materials and hardware inside them. As a result we have to use the best, most efficient and effective chipset and fit it inside the tiny space we have to work with. This can be a challenge. 

As you then have to use the right materials in the right place to ensure that it does not block the signal coming from the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). So this is part of the bluetooth chipset inside the headphones and is one of the more important parts as this controls the bluetooth signal, controls the antenna’s efficiency and runs the conductors connected to the drivers, creating the audio data & signal.  

Because of the fact that when testing earphones, we find that bluetooth signal strength can drop from 95% to under 85% when the earbuds are separated by a person’s head, we move the PCB and antenna to other parts of the buds. This allows for increased signal strength, which can then determine and change the design of the buds, which we then also have to ensure that this does not effect the IP rating. 

So although there is a small space to work with, it is possible, however we feel this is what differs quality wireless earphones, like the Proze SoundSeries TWS-02 and TWS-03 Bluetooth Headphones from other earphone brands, especially the cheaper ones but also some more expensive. As they either sacrifice the connectivity for a cheaper or smaller chipset, or will change the design, so that they are bulky, heavy and not comfortable or secure. 

How to Remedy This

So why should you buy any if they inherently have a connectivity problem? Well as stated above, the quality of the earphone will have a great hand into how good the connectivity is, Proze are currently using Realtek chipsets, and they are known to produce some very high quality components. 

Also by getting a decent pair of Bluetooth 5.0 headphones, you will again negate the majority of this effect and by using them wit a newer device, this will greatly reduce many of the impacts that effect bluetooth signals, as technology is improving and Bluetooth are constantly working on how they can make the signals stronger and more effective, so that you signal can be heard amongst the noise. 

You also have with the Proze Earbuds the feature to reset the connection, so if you ever encounter any drop outs or disconnections (from interruptions), you can reset the bluetooth signal on the headphones (we also recommend restarting your phone, which will do the same). Resetting the signal, is along the lines of the “turn it off and on again”. Though this does reset the signal and remove any interruptions and puts everything back to the the start, which clears signal and gives you a fresh connection on another channel within the bluetooth frequency. So again this is the difference, between a quality chipset and a lower quality one, as the higher quality ones, will be able to handle doing this and will also work again afterwards. 

You can also try unpairing and repairing (from scratch) your ear buds as this can sometimes have the same effect. 

For some it may seem wrong to spend too much on earphones, however unlike wired earbuds that would last a couple of months, wireless earphones are now an investment that will last longer and offer you more, especially now you know the engineering that goes into the buds. 

Proze wireless Bluetooth headphones are fully compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

You can purchase the Proze TWS-02 True Wireless Earbuds here

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