The full breakdown of features, benefits and more. 

Recently we released the Proze TWS-03 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones and we have also been receiving lots of good feedback about the product, but some are surprised by the amount of features that it offers and the benefits to your life that these offer. 

Therefore we thought we would take an in depth look at the earphones and offer a full breakdown of the product and go through the features and what benefits you get from each one. Lets dive in…


The first thing that everyone says about the TWS-03 wireless bluetooth earbuds are that the sound is amazing and that it rivals far more premium brands such as Jabra, Sony and one even mentioned Bose. We will be comparing these to the Jabra Elite 65t in future and doing more comparisons, with video, so you can see and hear the difference for yourself, but everyone so far is very pleased. 

The sound is created from graphene drivers, which are extra large at 10mm, compared to many other wireless earbuds. This is then tuned and uses high quality audio codecs to give you better sound quality. The graphene drivers actually allow for a greater range of movement and vibration (frequency band), compared to normal earphone drivers and materials. Therefore graphene responds better to the movements for creating the audio, so it is able to give better highs, mids and bass. 

The larger size allows for higher volumes and frequencies as well. 

The great sound is also created by the tuning and higher quality coding, so when paired with bluetooth 5.0 phones, such as the iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy S10, you will get the ultimate sound experience. Amazing sound is only the first benefit of having the TWS-03.

Proze TWS-03 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone


With the TWS-03 wireless bluetooth earphones you also get a versatile set of earbuds, as they allow you to tailor the fit and style of the earphone to suit your needs and activities. 

They come with multiple silicone ear buds. These will allow you to get the right fit in your ear, as you want one that is snug and when in place correctly, blocks out external noise and gives a “noise cancelling” effect. This is actually passive noise isolation, as they don’t actively cancel noise but are doing so by blocking your ear. 

So a good fit here will ensure you don’t lose any sound, as if they are not big enough, you will lose some of the sound to the outside and this will also mean the bluetooth headphones do not sound as good. 

This is important if you want to use them on flights, and to answer another common question here: Yes you can use bluetooth headphones on flights, as bluetooth devices are allowed on flights, as people have bluetooth smartwatches as well connected and in use on a flight. And when on a flight, with a good fit you are able to block out a good portion of the noise, allowing yourself to enjoy the movie / music more.

Then as well as the usual different sizes, you also get optional fins and sports hooks with the TWS-03, so you can choose whether to wear them with just the fins for comfort and some support when commuting or out and about, so you don’t risk one dropping out of your ear?

Or you can even change to the full ear hooks, which are generally for sport, or those who prefer the security of full ear hooks. These, then quickly attach and are great for going to the gym, running and making them perfect workout earbuds.

Proze TWS-03 Bluetooth Earphones with noise isolation EQ


The TWS-03 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds also have a built in equaliser, this offers you to tailor the sound to your taste. So not only can you adjust the fit and type of earphone that they are to your personal taste, you can adjust the sound to match your music. 

Just double tap the right earbud when connected and listening to music and the earbuds will change between Bass Booster, Vocal Booster, Treble Booster, Balanced and Enhanced sound. 

Then all you need to do is find the ones that enhance your music and experience. So you get the best sound and versatility from your earphones. 


Another benefit is the massive charging case that you get with these wireless headphones. There is a 2000 mAh charging case, which will charge the headphones fully and give them up to 60 hours total use.

OR you can plug your USB Cable into the charging case and use it to charge your device. Please note it will not fast charge, but with a charged case in your bag, you don’t have to take the power bank with you every day. 

The headphones give you up to 6 hours of battery per charge as well, so this is more than enough to see you through a work out and commuting to the office and back. Even some more time in the office, listening to music. Plus with the charging case you can always pop them in for 15 minutes and fast charge them for another 1-2 hours of music. 

So you have enough power, for your earphones and phone, to keep you going on a long flight, without having to turn on low power mode or turn off Netflix.

Proze True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds with power bank


The device is charged via USB-C so it means that you are carrying less cables around with you, in fact grab one of our durable USB-C cables and (if your phone is USB-C), then you only have to carry one cable to charge both your device and the charging case. As it is USB-C, it will not fast charge at QC 3.0, however it will charge the full power bank in around 1 hour, which again is quick against competitors, such as Jabra and Sony, even Apple, who do not have fast charging buds when in the case, fully charged in under 1 hour. Do not offer USB-C compatibility and do not fully charge the case in the same time-frame. There is even a USB-C cable included in the box. 


You also get crystal clear calls with the TWS-03 wireless bluetooth earphones. They have twin beamforming microphones on each earbud and the mic is high quality, so it will pick up your voice and using cVc 6.0 Noise cancelling the mics will eliminate background noise, so only your voice is heard. 

You also get stereo sound when on calls, as standard with all Proze Headphones, though unlike many competitors or cheaper alternatives. So you can clearly hear your friends and they can clearly hear you. 


Last of all you get a set of headphones where they are simple and intuitive to use. The Proze TWS-03 have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chipset and will auto power on when you remove them from the case, they will then automatically find each other, connect and then all you need to do is open your device and connect to them.

They will auto pair to your device directly in future, so the set up in bluetooth settings is only for the first time use.

The controls allow for complete control of your music and voice assistant. They do not have volume controls built in, however you can ask Google or Siri to do that for you. So you have complete control of your device, without having to remove it from your pocket.

Proze TWS-03 True Eireless Earphones Features


The TWS-03 offer a lot and when compared to similar priced earphones, you realise what value you are getting. Our earphones, cover all the bases and you benefit from a pair of wireless bluetooth earphones, that will give you great sound, a fit and style to suit your needs. Your music sounding the way you want it, tailored to your preference and with all that power at your finger tips. You get a battery that won’t run out anytime soon and again you benefit from the wide range of usability they offer. 

We honestly believe that we are able to offer one of the best wireless bluetooth earbuds of 2019, with the TWS-03 and as they have only just been released at the end of 2019, so they are up to date and ready for 2020. Are you?

Let us know what you think in the comments below, do you like the TWS-03, do you have them already? We would love to hear your comments and feedback. Thank you.

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