Bluetooth Headphones will improve your running and workouts, today we will look at how they do this and then the best ones for the job…

It is clear that bluetooth headphones are the next step in the audio evolution, with the removal of headphone jacks from most new devices and the technology behind wireless bluetooth headphones getting better, soon they will be the only choice.

But how do they make your work outs and runs better? How do they actually improve your performance?

No Wires

First when you have bluetooth headphones, you have total freedom from wires. This does mean that you have no wires, dangling around any equipment that you are using or bouncing around as you are running.

Also with no wires means that you don’t have to worry about being physically connected to the phone / device, which means if you fall or move too far or too fast, then your phone doesn’t go flying.

Therefore you have more freedom, safety and security for your device. The freedom to move further, to place the device to one side or tuck it away safely. Then you don’t have any wires to tangle yourself in. Lastly no wires getting in the way of equipment or bouncing continuously as you run. All leaving you more time and energy to focus on your work out / running.


This follows on from the previous point, in that they are lighter and therefore again you have more freedom and less weight pulling down on your head, this allows you to keep a good stance and therefore your back straight and maintain good posture during your workout, which will lead to better health and less back problems.

Full Control

Most buds allow for complete control of your music while you run or are in the gym. Therefore you can spend less time fiddling with your phone and more time focussing on your workout.

Proze earphones allow for play back control, skipping and call control and then on the TWS models you can activate voice assistant, to control volume, calling someone, etc.. The Sport Wireless Earbuds, have volume controls built in. So you are always able to just change the song or volume with ease and leave your phone where it is, concentrating on your workout.

Great Sound is all that Matters

Think running seems easier when listening to tunes? Turns out it probably is. Studies show exercising with music gives your athletic performance a boost, distracting you from feelings of fatigue so that working out seems around 12 per cent easier, and you can keep going for up to 15 per cent longer.

But don’t worry, if the chart hits and uptempo pop you find on most running playlists fill you with dread, you can still get the benefit from a bit of Mozart. Despite what the pedlars of compilation run mixes may suggest, faster music doesn’t necessarily mean faster running. In fact, recent research suggests the speed of tunes you listen to has a lot less bearing on their run-boosting effect than how motivational you find them.

Thankfully with the right wireless bluetooth headphones will allow you to get the best from your playlist, whether you want fast paced, bassy songs or more classical sound, the Proze SoundSeries offers headphones to suit.

Proze Sport wireless headphones
Proze True Wireless Earbuds
Proze SoundSeries TWS-03 Wireless Earphones Sweatproof


So it is essential to add music to your run / wok out as this improves your performance, then new bluetooth headphones are light and wire free, meaning that you have more freedom to move and less weighing you down, as well, as not getting tangled up halfway through. You also get full control of your music, so you can concentrate on getting the best times and pushing even harder than before.

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