Proze Sport Earphones VS KS Headphones

Are you someone who does research before buying or has buyers remorse when you see the next best thing, the day after your purchase? You should be comparing wireless earphones before you by, as not all are made equal and today we will be looking at our own Proze Sport Wireless Earbuds, when compared to the Kitsound Race Wireless Headphones, which can be found in many supermarkets across the UK.

Today we are looking at our sport headphones against some rivals, in this case, KS headphones, as after seeing so many comparisons we would like to throw ours into the mix.

Currently Proze is only sold online in our own store and on Amazon and other websites.

We will be looking at 5 main points and comparing the two. Giving you the lowdown as to which offers the better performance for each point and overall which is the best for you and your work out.


First the sound, so the Proze sport earphones use 6mm enhanced dynamic drivers, which have been tuned to cover most types of music, so you get clear and crisp sound, whilst working out. You will be able to hear this and through the

The Kitsound Race Wireless Headphones offer 10mm drivers, which are bigger, so will be able to offer an overall louder sound, however these are standard driver units, so although good and offering good sound quality, especially for the price, there is room for improvement.

In this case, both headphones offer good sound and will give you a great workout.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity, there is nothing worse than getting bluetooth earphones and having them drop out or jump during your favourite song.

However both of these wireless earphones come with Bluetooth V4.1, which for the type of connection required, is more than adequate, as the connection is only direct between the headphone and the phone, so only one signal is required and used. Therefore the bluetooth signal will be strong and prone to most drops, although as always, any bluetooth signal is susceptible to physical blocks and other signal interference, such as wifi signals.

The Proze Sport Wireless Earphones do use 4.1 + EDR, which does add to the Bluetooths ability to read and produce the sound, as it has an Enhanced Data Rate. Bluetooth 4.1 also uses the same technology as Bluetooth 4.0, but with a low energy feature, allowing for better battery life on the device.

We are confident that you will notice the difference with the Proze Sport Wireless Earbuds, with a more stable connection.


This bring us onto the battery life of the earbuds as the KS Headphones have a 5 hour battery life, which is suitable for most commutes and runs, with the ability to charge up when you are at work or home. This battery life will see you through most days with light to moderate use.

The Proze Sport Wireless Earbuds however offer an 8 hour battery, giving you more playtime, so they spend less time plugged into the wall. Again this is enough time to see most people through a days use of the headphones easily and more than enough for your work out sessions.

The Proze Sport Earbuds does offer a much longer battery, winning this round against the KS Headphones.

Fit and Comfort

Now the Kit Sound Headphones and the Proze Sport both offer in ear buds with an ear hook, style fit.

This allows for natural sound isolation and the sport ear hook will then go around the ear for extra comfort and security. However the fit and design of the earphones are different on each pair.

The Kitsound wireless headphones have a simple fit, with the earbuds jutting straight out from the body of the headphone and then a sport hook that goes straight back. Sure you will be able to fit them in and they will stay there, though with the direct in design, they will get uncomfortable and potentially need readjusting often, to maintain a nice seal.

The Proze Sport Wireless Earbuds are designed different, as the ear canal is not a straight line in the side of your head. So the bud is at a 45 degree angle into the ear from the body of the headphones giving a better fit and seal and this will be more comfortable for the ears, as the earbuds will fit nicely into the ear.

The sports hook is also closer to the body, so it will hook around your ear tighter, offering a more secure fit and even taking some of the weight off the inner ear.

Controls and Features

Proze Sport wireless earphones

The controls on the Kitsound bluetooth headphones are in line, however the only issue we found with them, was that when wearing the earphones the line is almost behind your ear, resting on your neck. Therefore is is hard to find and see which button you are pressing.

The KS Headphones do offer call control through the controls, though unfortunately they are not IP rated, and therefore you cannot get them wet, so they are not suitable for wearing on thse rainy days, when you are still ready to go out in the rain or for those extra hard workouts.

The Proze Sport wireless earphones, have the controls on the right headphone itself, so they won’t be moving around as you move and the buttons, offer a play / pause on the side of the right bud and the volume controls on the top, so it is simple to use and you won’t be pressing the wrong button when you want to pause.

They are also IPX7 rated, meaning they are sweat and waterproof, so will not be stopped by rain or a good sweat. They also offer complete call control.


In Summary, the Proze Headphones do offer more than the widely available KS headphones, however the final decider will often be the price.

The Kitsound Race Wireless Headphones are currently available for £15 online or in-stores. With a 28 day Money Back Guarantee and Free UK Shipping.

The Proze Sport Wireless Earbuds are currently available for £19.95 so they are more money, however we feel the extra features, better fit and ability to use them rain or shine, offer a better value proposition. Also we offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, 12 Month Warranty, Free Shipping across the UK & EU and Lifetime Support, based in the UK.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below and check out the headphones, here to form your own opinion.

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