Many Phone Cases are listed as being “shockproof phone cases” but what does this really mean?

Does this mean that any drop will protect your phone, not exactly. It means that the item is able to be dropped from a significant height and still function afterward. The “shock” is referring to the impact that the phone will experience upon landing.

So when it impacts the ground the shock will be absorbed by the case, that surrounds the phone. This is the definition of shockproof and this is what a shockproof case will do for your phone.

This can also be called drop proof or shockproof, shock-resistant or anti shock phone cases, though it all means the same thing.

Shockproof Does Not Mean Insulated From Electrical Damage

Although it evokes images of electrocution, it does not mean the item is insulated from static electricity or able to function after sustaining an electrical surge or shock. You should use all normal precautions to keep the item from being damaged by electricity.

How is the case tested to be shockproof

There are numerous tests that are done on each phone case when it is manufactured. The cases are heat tested, then pulled and twisted, to ensure no tears or stretching occurs and that the case returns to its original shape. We then have them shock tested with a press, so the force is suddenly put on the case, to ensure that the case does not break and that the shock and damage is not done to the phone.

The cases are all built with air cushioning as well, which means if the phone is dropped or impacts on a corner, then the case has additional reinforcement there to ensure that the impact is absorbed correctly.

huawei p20 lite case shockproof

So when you look at a shockproof phone case you now know exactly what is being said, that this phone case will protect your phone when those little accidents happen. And will save you having to contact your insurance company or needing a new phone.

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