Bluetooth 5.0, what is Bluetooth 5.0 and why is it important to have on your Headphones?

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a form of wireless communication that transmits a data signal, commonly used for keyboards, mice, headphones and other audio equipment, various smart home and other computer equipment.

The Bluetooth radio signal is very good at transmitting over shorter distances, so it can handle a good amount of data over a short space, so perfect for the “smart gadgets” that we all use daily. This is “point to point” bluetooth that is used with most bluetooth devices.

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Why is it important to have bluetooth 5.0 on my headphones?

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of bluetooth. It allows for more data to be transferred over longer distances, whilst using less battery power/ energy to transmit the data.

This is important for audio devices, such as bluetooth wireless headphones and bluetooth speakers.

This is because by having a device that works with Bluetooth 5.0, your headphones will have a stronger connection between them and your phone. This is because the bluetooth 5.0, have a better range of radio waves compared to older bluetooth versions, so the headphones will have more connectivity from a stronger signal, this gives you he benefit of less drop outs and with more and more signals flying through the air, a strong connection is needed.

Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones can also handle more data, therefore you are able to transfer and receive a higher quality of audio to your bluetooth 5.0 headphones, however this does not mean all bluetooth 5.0 headphones are great bluetooth connectivity with amazing sound quality as there are still other factors, such as the quality of the earphones, the quality of the bluetooth chipset and more.

Bluetooth 5.0 also allows you to transmit this higher quality data using lees energy, therefore the device such as your smartphone and the headphones themselves use less battery power to transmit and receive the signal, so you get better battery life and higher quality from your devices.

I know what you are thinking, ok soI just need some shiny new Bluetooth 5.0 headphones? Not Quite….

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Is Bluetooth 5.0 compatible with my phone?

Yes, Bluetooth 5.0 is backwards compatible with older bluetooth versions. Example, if you have a smart phone with Bluetooth 4.2 and you purchase some bluetooth 5.0 headphones. The headphones will work with the phone, HOWEVER the Bluetooth will default to the connectivity based on the lowest version, so the headphones will connect to your phone on a 4.2 band, instead of a more powerful 5.0 connection. Therefore you may get 5.0 headphones but they would be 4.2 because of your device, so you may then find you still have more interruptions to your music and drop outs. Also Bluetooth 4.2 is more susceptible to interruptions from other signals such as mobile and wifi signals, which can cause further interruptions.

So I have to go and buy anew phone with Bluetooth 5.0?

Not really, as you can still enjoy the technology, it will just mean that you may experience more interruptions than if you had a Bluetooth 5.0 phone. As the system will work best when two devices are using the same version.

Using an older device, though you will not be using the low energy mode, which Bluetooth 5.0 operates on, so it will also use more battery on your smartphone. But if you know these points, then you can adjust to them and be more aware of positioning yourself to other signals and bringing some extra juice in the form of a power bank for your phone.

If you have a newer phone / device with Bluetooth 5.0 and then have the Bluetooth 5.0 headphones, then you will have a better experience.

We do recommend though that if you are looking for Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds then you will want to make sure that you get earbuds that have a good bluetooth chipset and then are quality earbuds themselves, as this will make a big difference whether using an older device or newer, this is where you can make full use of Bluetooth 5.0.

We don’t recommend upgrading every last little thing, however. Even if you have a Bluetooth 5.0 enabled laptop, for example, upgrading to a Bluetooth 5.0-enabled mouse probably won’t be a big improvement. But, as support for Bluetooth 5.0 finds its way into each new Bluetooth device, Bluetooth devices will get better and Bluetooth will become more reliable and power-efficient.

Better quality means more speed, distance and throughput

In summary Bluetooth 5.0 will give you the benefits of better quality data with a stronger signal, using less battery power (using the Bluetooth low energy signal).

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So now you just need to pick the best bluetooth 5.0 headphones.

Thankfully the Proze TWS-02 True Wireless Earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 and they also have a Realtek chipset, which is one of the better chipsets. This allows for high quality audio streaming, using AAC quality audio, which gives you a better quality of sound (whatever bluetooth version your device has). AAC allows for higher quality audio, without using more data and is the standard file of music applications such as iTunes.

They also have high quality 8mm drivers, allowing for true HD audio and deep bass. Unlike many other Bluetooth 5.0 headphones the Proze TWS-02 were designed to deliver a high quality experience and make it easy for people with any version of Bluetooth, to get the most from Bluetooth 5.0 headphones in 2019. Something we feel everyone deserves.

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