Which is better for my music?

Nowadays, many phone manufactures are removing 3.5mm headphone aux ports from their devices and this leaves many people wondering, what should I do and how do I listen to music?

First, if you are a wired headphone user who is reluctant to move across to wireless earphones because of the lower quality sound and limitations, such as battery life and connection issues. Then we can assure you that your fears are unfounded, as more recent wireless earphones are of a much higher quality and the technology has come a long way in the past couple of years. We are pleased to say that we have been a part of the movement.

 Proze Wireless Earphones vs Wired Earphones

So let’s start with the pro’s of wired earphones:

  • Solid Connection
  • No battery life to consider (except the device)
  • Easy to use, just plug in and use
  • High Quality Audio (with the right earphones)

But what are the drawbacks:

  • Wires get in the way and get tangled
  • Not all devices have aux ports, require additional equipment to use
  • Limited connectivity (distance of the wire)

So as you can see there are actually some drawbacks to wired earphones and these are more concerning everyday life and the activities that you will do, such as working out, when we do with wired earphones, it is slightly limiting as there is not always somewhere for your phone to be placed, which means you have to either stop listening to your “tunes” or have you device in an awkward place. Having a wire tethering you to your phone can get tiresome and limits how far you can go.

This is no problem if you are laying in bed, trying to watch Netflix, but in most other circumstances the wires do get in the way, however if you value the ease of use and sound quality, then you may want to pay the price, however we do recommend that you perhaps try some true wireless earbuds, as they may yet change your mind with higher quality connections and sound quality available now, with none of these drawbacks.

Now for wireless earphones and to go through why it would be worth moving from wired to wireless earphones, starting with the advantages and disadvantages.

The pro’s of wireless earphones:

  • Easy to use and live with. Complete freedom from wires.
  • Bluetooth quality has improved a lot allowing for great connectivity
  • Audio quality has improved greatly, with AAC and aptX offering very high quality music from wireless earbuds
  • Great for sports, running, gym, working out and general exercise
  • Battery Lives are improving and now able to offer a full days use.

So the advantages show that wireless earphones are improving hugely and offer a real world alternative to wired earphones, something which they did not only a few years ago.

With technology such as AAC and aptX coding and bluetooth 5.0, wireless earphones can now offer high quality sound with good transmission, that doesn’t take all the devices and phones battery life.

What are the Disadvantages of wireless earphones:

  • Bluetooth transmission (no matter how good) is susceptible to interference and cutting out from physical barriers
  • Can be very expensive for headphones that are open to interference
  • No wires can mean that if they dropped out, they will fall on the floor, so you will need to make sure they are fitted correctly
  • Although battery lives are great and getting better you still have to charge them and run the risk of running out of battery half way through a song

So there are some drawbacks, however the industry as a whole is working on addressing each of these points, us included. Such as there are wireless headphones with a wire between the earbuds, for running, gym and so on, which are great and you can find some here.

This resolves the issue of wires and the issue of bluetooth connectivity has not been completely eliminated however with bluetooth 5.0, you will find that the connection is stronger, and more data can be sent via the transmission, therefore you get a higher quality audio from a stronger signal. Bluetooth technology is always improving and as time goes on, you will find that the connectivity will only get better.

The battery life of bluetooth headphones are ever improving with batteries able to last for an entire days use with many headphones offering 12 hours or more now.

The last issue is cost, whereas wired earphones will seem a bargain against a set of wireless earphones, some brands are battling against the high prices of the “big brands” whilst offering the same tech inside. We are leading this with our TWS-02 Wireless Earphones which offer high sound quality, great connectivity with bluetooth 5.0, comfort and a superb fit, perfect for the gym and running and being IP67 sweat and waterproof. This is all on offer for under £50.

wireless earphones with microphone

Make the change to wireless earphones if you have not done so yet, as outlined above the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and with phone manufacturers removing headphone jacks, you will lose the ability to use them with your devices.

Whether you already have wireless earphones or are only now making the switch then you can now take the opportunity to try the

Proze SoundSeries TWS-02 True Wireless Earphones for 30 days risk free.

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