Many cable manufacturers say that their cables will offer faster charging than the manufacturers cables and chargers.

This does only apply when paired with the correct fast charging unit for your device, however the pairing of a suitable cable and unit for your device is claimed to be faster even than the ones that you get in the box with your phones.

The charging speed of fast charging USB cables for android phones will vary, depending on the battery in the device and the charging capacity allowed, this will be controlled by the chip in the device, such as many newer Android phones have QC 3.0 (developed by Qualcomm and allowing quick charging). This allows for your phone to be charged faster and will manage the battery so that it can charge quicker than normal. Starting at QC 1.0, if your phone has any QC capability, this will allow it to charge faster than a normal phone, when paired with the right usb cable and adapter.

This needs to be paired with the right equipment to get the power to the phone, so you will need a fast charging usb cable, whether USB type C or Micro USB you will be able to fast charge your device, however the charging current will vary depending on whether your device is using USB type C or Micro USB, as type c will allow for a higher / faster current.

Now you know the basics, will buying extra cables and power supplies improve your charging speed?

In short, yes as the manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, although they give accessories that fast charge, they do not give ones that charge to the fastest capabilities for the devices. As such, if you want to know that your phone gets the juice quickly, for those times in life when you just want to get charged and get going, it is worth your time to invest in a more powerful power adapter and fast charge cable.

The adapters are more powerful and fast charge adapters can give more power than the standard ones out of the box can. Then when paired with a fast charging USB data cable, like our fast charging magnetic USB cable you get a cable that then feeds this higher current / power through to your phone / device.

So by doing this you can take full advantage of the latest technology in your phone and charge it much quicker. Though you will need to say goodbye to your old cables and get a fast charge USB data cable to allow this greater charge throughput to your device. But the cost of a cable and power adapter against the time gained from not waiting for your phone to charge is priceless.

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