As all drivers who pass their test, their first few days on the road will be cautious and filled with a mixture of anxiety, excitement and fear. Or even if still learning behind the wheel, a full HD dash camera can make all the difference. That is why with the technology available nowadays it makes sense to get started from day one with a dash camera, to record every moment and make sure that you have a record of your adventures and proof should any incident call for it.

A dash camera will record your journeys for you. So you will be able to firstly benefit from being able to review the footage and actually see if there are any points that you can learn and improve from, as a learner driver or someone who has recently passed their test, this is invaluable in itself.

Then you will also have proof for any incidents, should the worst happen or if someone is trying to use your lack of driving experience as an easy way to commit fraud, at your expense, but with a dash cam, you will be armed and ready to combat any unsafe or fraudulent drivers. This will be able to confirm you are not at fault and you can show it to the police and the insurance company.

You will also require a camera that is silent and doesn’t distract you when you are driving and trying to focus, as in the early stages of learning you will need to focus and not be distracted by constant beeps and flashes.

If you get yourself a dual dash camera this will also allow you to have eyes front and back. Giving you the ability to make sure that no nasty surprises come up behind you. Also by having both a front and rear dash camera, when parked up and driving you will have a fairly comprehensive view around the car.

Having a dual dash camera with the ability to record when park / monitor your car when you are not driving will also be a huge advantage as when you have safely parked up, you want to know that your new pride and joy and freedom is safe, so getting a dash camera that can monitor your car (front and back) will give you that extra peace of mind. Plus many dual dash cameras will allow you to double the rear camera as a rear parking camera, so you get the added benefit of a reversing camera when installing a rear dash cam.

If you are a learner driver or have recently passed your test, then we highly recommend that you consider the above and look at getting a camera for your new car.

If you do want a camera, then we recommend that you check out our Proze Dash Cam 4.0 Dual Dash Camera with Full HD, Wide Angle, Parking Monitor, Reversing Camera, Enhanced Night Vision and more.

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