Whether you voted to remain or leave, everyone across Britain and the EU can agree, the Brexit deals and votes are still ongoing with no end in sight.

However whether you support it or not we think it is important for everyone to carry on and to support the British brands and businesses that will continue to do business with both the UK and the EU.

As a UK based brand that sells to the UK and all the EU, the uncertainty is particularly hard to deal with and we know that many businesses are going through the same. However if people remember that life will go on, whatever the outcome and that continuing to purchase from and support British Businesses (like us) than the Brexit fears can be avoided. The British economy is important to both Britain and the EU, and so it needs to continue to be supported and grow, only this way can we continue to build more jobs, businesses and therefore thrive as a nation.

Whichever way you voted by continuing to support British businesses you will help everyone across Britain and the EU, as both the EU and UK require Britain to have a strong economy and continue to be involved with trade both near and far. The British Economy is a staple in Europe and will need to continue so the only way to get through and carry on and even thrive as a country is to continue supporting British based business, brands, designers, artists and farmers.

EU countries will still want to continue trading and working with Britain, just as we will need to continue trading and supporting their economies. Proze as a brand is based in the UK, yet we offer our products across all EU countries and will continue to do so, no matter the outcome of the current events.

We offer Free Shipping across the EU and will continue to do so, with the same 2-5 delivery time, so if you are based in the EU, the offers, prices and shipping will remain the same as we will not allow our customers to be effected no matter the outcome of the current circumstances and any future decisions, that the UK parliament make.

For all customers wherever you are, we will continue to provide high quality products and great customer service.

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