With the release of the new Samsung S10, we thought it would be great to add to our growing range of phone cases and created some super bright Phone cases for the S10.

Why do this when there are so many cases out there?

We actually had some phone cases recently and they were terrible and we realised that there is still a lot of bad ones out there and why should people have to live with bad cases, especially with your phone being suer important in modern life, it deserves more than just a cheap case, that doesn’t offer any protection or worse may even cause it’s own damage to the phone. Scratching the back, which on most modern phones is made of glass, or some funky colour, so something that you want to keep in good condition.

So we set out looking at the different cases available and started working with other successful phone case manufacturers to find out, what made a great case.

We then decided on the type of case that we wanted, as we don’t want to have huge heavy cases, that ruin the look of your phone or are heavy and cumbersome to carry in your bag or pocket.

Therefore we have a range of fully tested silicone cases. Made from TPU silicone, with strengthened corners and fully twist tested, so we know it is strong enough to actually protect your shiny, new Samsung S10. They offer drop protection and are shockproof. As well as being scratch proof and smudge free, so dirty fingers and dirty surfaces, won’t leave a mark.

We also wanted to add some colour to your life with by offering a colourful case for your Samsung S10, currently available in Blue, Pink and Red, with more colours coming very soon…

You can grab yourself some extra protection for your latest gadget on our website:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone Cases

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Phone Cases

Or go to our Amazon store here for S10 phone cases and more

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