Every time you get into your car and drive out of your garage, you believe that you will be back. Whether you are going on a drive, heading to the office, or just rushing to the grocery, safety is a priority. Luckily, technological advancement like a dual dash cam provides every road user with the opportunity to make every trip safe.

These days, dash cams have become more popular because many drivers are taking precaution by installing it in their cars. But the question is, how can dash cams make your journeys safer? And if you get one, should you get a simple one, dual or all signing?


Incidentally, no matter how well you drive, accidents are inevitable. Unfortunately, they happen so fast that it may be hard to discover who is at fault without a shred of evidence. A dash cam solves this problem.  Once installed, the dash cam starts recording the second you start your engine.

A dual dash camera when properly fitted will watch the rear as well as the front and you will get 2 separate recordings, one for the front and one for the back.

In a car crash, it is common for the driver at fault to blame it on you but with the video evidence from your dash cam, you can prove your innocence to the insurance, even in court. Without this evidence, you could pay for damages you need not pay, hence, in the case of a car crash, a dash cam is your surest and most efficient way to stay on the safe side. It will save you so much trouble, stress, money and time.


The rise in insurance fraud is another reason why you need a dash cam. These days fraudsters target high-end car owners and try to extort money them. This can happen to you too. They cause an accident, blame it on you, and expect you to pay for damages. With a dash cam, you can prove the accident was not your fault. Instead of paying them, you will get compensation for all damages.


It is possible for your dash camera to become your car’s security even when you are not driving. You can set it to remain on overnight or while you are away. Thus, if someone bumps into, scratches or vandalises your car, you will have proof to show to the police and the insurance company.

This is something that dash cam apps cannot do and one of the many reasons to have a real dash camera, instead of using your phone.

They are also not able to offer the benefits of a dual dash cam, which can watch the back and front.


Every driver has the responsibility of protecting his or her life, and the lives of other road users. If anyone takes this responsibility for granted and puts the lives of others in danger by reckless driving, texting while driving or drunk driving, then you should definitely report them. In most cases, you may not have an eye witness to back your story, but video footage from your car camera is proof enough.


Every driver makes mistakes (especially new drivers). A dual dash camera provides you the opportunity of going back to look back and see your mistakes. This way, you make corrections, even before those mistakes cause an accident.

Take your safety precaution a step further by installing a dash cam.

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